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Here's How I Can Help You Become A High Performer


Elite athletes know whether you want to be a world champion, a high-performing amateur athlete, successful in the business world, or just be your best you must possess strong mindset skills and execute powerful daily habits.
Equally important is how we compete, for how long we compete, and that we anticipate and plan for life post sport.  The old paradigm of win at all cost is not necessary to win.

Any Of These Sound Familiar?

You don't have the edge that allows you to compete with the bestYou are already a high performer with high aspirations and know what to do physically, but your mental game needs sharpening.

You lack confidence or your confidence wanes from event to event. You need a plan to build unstoppable belief in yourself

You are working your tail off and perform well in practice but you keep coming up short of your best on competition day. Nerves and negative patterns get in the way of getting in the flow.

You have made improvements in performance but reached a plateau. You want more and you know you are capable of performing at a higher level but need help getting to that next level.


You are burnt out and not motivated to achieve anymore. You find that your thought patterns are negative and are self-sabotaging your potential and enjoyment. You want to learn new tools and skills that will help you get motivated and enjoy your sport again.

You are motivated but don't have goals that are driving you to take consistent action.  You need help setting powerful goals and making a plan to execute.

If So... You Are In The Right Place


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... Having the confidence and belief in self to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

... Possessing sky high motivation and commitment to your goals.

... Coaches and teammates look to you as the standard of excellence, and universities and professional teams are knocking at your door. No goal is too big! 

... Solid and fulfilling relationships with everyone in your circle. You elevate the people around you.

... You have the "clutch" gene and consistently able to close out games and elevate your performance when called upon.

... Your short and long term game plan is going to set you up to accomplish your potential in sport. 

If you are not training the mental game, you will never get your best results.    


Mindset Training Process



  • Athlete completes several mindset related evaluations to uncover limiting habits and beliefs



  • Proven principles and strategies to train athlete mindset. See below for components



  • Advanced nutrition & recovery best practices

  • longevity plan to prevent injuries



  • Daily, weekly, annual, long term plans

  • Crucial follow up plan for post coaching period

Program Subject Matter

Program content is a combination of scientifically proven principles and real world strategies used by past and present high performing coaches and athletes.  I only teach what I have experienced and lived myself.  I am constantly updating the program content as we learn what works best in practice and as new clinical research in psychology and neuroscience becomes available.

non-exhaustive general subject matter outline below 

Self Evaluation

  • Multiple evaluations of mindset to gain greater self awareness (Fear, mental toughness, work ethic, motivation, commitment, confidence, leadership, growth vs fixed mindset, time management)

  • Goal setting process

  • Character evaluation & values mission statement development

  • Constant monitoring using signature JForce scorebaord

  • Comparative competitive benchmarking & analysis 

Mindset Principles

  • Work ethic

  • Mental toughness

  • Consistency & persistence

  • Focus (both in competition and with regards to goal setting)

  • Underdog complex

  • Attitude & character development

  • Continuous learning model

  • Confidence building

Strategies & Tactics

  • Mental visualization

  • Daily focus development

  • Competition analysis

  • Self talk

  • Sustainability tools as it relates to burnout

  • Focus development

Mind & Body Wellness

  • Nutrition training

  • Plant based diet eval and implementation

  • Injury prevention

  • Recovery tools & optimization strategies

  • Meditation 

Why Work With Me?

I believe I can be of great help in your journey towards self-improvement. What sets me apart is my extensive experience - having won 8 motocross championships by the age of 17, and 2 Ironman world championships as a para-triathlete, I have developed a winning formula that has been refined over 1,200 competitions. I am also a certified Mental Performance and Health Coach, and have been a competitive athlete since childhood, still actively competing in Ironman Triathlons. 


My life experiences have taught me that life can be challenging, but I have learned how to navigate failure, find fulfillment, and achieve success despite adversity. Having lost the use of my legs has also given me unique insight into overcoming obstacles. I am confident that I can teach you how to get the best out of yourself and achieve your confident that I can teach you how to get the best out of yourself and achieve your goals.

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How to Work With Me


Work with athletes, coaches, parents, business professionals. Age 13-25 focus and over 25 evaluated on case by case basis.


Work in team settings including athletics and business


Work 1 on 1 with youth, in team settings, other coaches,  parents. High school, college and above.  Also have speaking services available to schools.

First Coaching Session Is Free.

Introduction session is 25 mins in length

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