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29 years ago...

Updated: May 13, 2020

29 years ago today I had my accident that left me without feeling from chest down. Always a good day to step back and reflect on the journey and being it’s lands on a Friday the 13th and my name is Jason makes it extra scary for those closest to me, hah! First thing that comes to mind is wow how lucky I was to travel the country racing motorcycles and to have parents you supported me ~40 weekends a year unequivocally. My life from as early as age 6 revolved around motorcycles. By age ten I had the dream of becoming a professional motocross racer and was doing everything I could to accomplish my dream. At age 17 it all got turned upside down and skipping ahead now I wouldn’t change a thing.

So happy for the people I have met on my journey and the experiences that continue to challenge me. It all happens for a reason. One of my best friends Eric put it perfectly today, it was life altering day but not in a bad way as we reflected on being teenagers and going through my accident and having free lease to be a teenager. All good stuff!

Thank you for all those that continue to support me. Some days it feels like I have done so much and some days it feels like I am just getting started. Lets keep it going, so much to do! #bestlife#mindset#friendsandfamilyfirst#grateful

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