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I am a Human Potential Coach, Motivational Speaker, Athlete And Dedicated To Help Others Be Their Best.

  • ~1225 Competitions over 40 years

  • 2 x Ironman World Champion Kona HI (handcycle division 2009, 2016)

  • 6 Ironman World Championships Kona HI

  • Ironman 70.3 World Champion 2012

  • 22 70.3 Ironman Triathlons

  • >150 Road Races

  • 40 Marathons including 16 Boston Marathons

  • >1000 Motocross races over 11 years (ages 6 – 17)

  • 8 Amateur New England Motocross Championships

          Athletic Achievement Highlights

Taking on and overcoming challenges has been in my blood since my dad bought me my first motorcycle at age 6.

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My Story

For my entire life I have never been the most naturally talented athlete rather its been my drive, focus, and consistency that has allowed me to reach my goals and more.

I won eight New England motocross championships before age 17, adapted to being permanently paralyzed from the chest down, competed in over 150 road races, 40 marathons, 41 triathlons, and won two Ironman Triathlon World Championships in handcycle division in Kona Hawaii, all with only the use of my arms. 

I don't say this all to impress you, I say this to impress upon you that it is not talent, it is the mindset I have embraced that has allowed me to accomplish what I have set my mind to. Now I have made it my life mission to guide others to find their best.

Growing Up An Athlete

I was born on November 25th, 1973 in Brockton MA (City of Champions) and grew up in the small town of Kingston MA with a younger brother and sister, Clinton and Beth. At the age of six I started competing in motocross and quickly became a way of life for me as my parents, Mike and Luanne were all in supporting me. 

For eleven years, over 40 weekends a year I raced motocross throughout the United States.


I earned my first major sponsor from Kawasaki Motor Corporation at the age of eleven and won eight New England Championships.


Though my parents required me to keep up my grades in order to race the majority of my time was spent practicing and racing to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional motocross racer.

Overcoming Challenges

On March 13th, 1991 at age of seventeen I hit a rock while practicing on my motorcycle and was thrown from my bike.  My spine compressed and my spinal cord severed, leaving me paralyzed from the chest down.

With the help of extremely supportive friends and family I was able to quickly move on with life. My injury was just another challenge. Although I was confined to a wheelchair for mobility I didn’t feel like I had any boundaries.

After six months, I started doing what I knew best, competing.  Over the next ten years I competed in over 140 road races and 28 marathons. I feel like I am a better person for having gone through the challenges of my accident.

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           Professional Life


  • BS Northeastern University

  • MBA Boston University- healthcare management focus

  • Institute For Integrative Nutrition - Health Coach Certification

  • Brian Cain High Perform - Mental Performance Mastery Certification 


  • Post undergraduate worked in customer service, accounting, corporate finance, and bond trading in the investment management industry.

  • Post graduate school worked in corporate finance for 4 years followed by 9 years in neurological medical sales. 

  • Started my own green energy company and operated for two years.

  • November 2019 started Self Performance company 


Link to professional resume

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  New Chapter: Enter Coach J

Since I was a teenager racing motocross I have been obsessed with getting the most from myself.  This combined with always being a student of high performance including nutrition, neuroscience, psychology, and mindset it has been in my blood to search for information to help me perform at my best.

After ​twenty years working in the corporate world and constantly searching for something outside of myself I came to the realization the only thing that was going to fulfill me was to go after my true passion.  Ultimately it was a struggle with my health and realization life doesn't go on forever that guided me to move on from the corporate world and pursue my passion of coaching. 

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