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what is your best?

I believe being your best doesn't just happen and having a coach with an action plan is vital.  The goal while working with Jason is to learn and implement mindset tools that have helped world renowned athletes and professionals get the best from themselves and achieve at the highest levels in sport, business, and life.

     I am here to help make world champions in sport and tycoons in

     business all with the goal of feeling fulfilled. 


Our culture has become so fast paced and complex which has resulted in an uber competitive environment with extremely high expectations.  Fear, anxiety, and thoughts of doubt and limitation often hold us back from reaching our true potential.  The most productive people have found ways to rise above it all and thrive and we believe this can be learned.

Understanding who we are and what it will take to accomplish our goals is the first step in the process. Taking ownership for who we are and the dreams we have is required to we get the most from ourselves to reach our potential requires tools that are learned.

The content I teach is derived from over 40 years experience as an athlete and on the latest developments in neuroscience and sports psychology. 

I believe​

  • Our values and beliefs are foundational to achievement

  • Champions and high performers are made, not born

  • We are at our best when we are pursuing growth

  • Fulfillment comes from within, not external success or things

  • No short cuts on the path to mastery

  • Emotional intelligence and drive are vital qualities

  • We are all in charge of who we are and where we go in life

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